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Just wondering, any ftm feel anxious sending your lil bub to IFC.. sending my LO to IFC when she s 5 months, afraid she will be less attach to me after.. care to share your experience?

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Hi mummy, don’t worry. If u spend enough time with her, I’m sure she will still be attached to u! My son is in IFC since 4 months, and he’s very attached to me.

Super Mum

I had the same concerns before sending my baby girl to IFC at 4 months old. To my surprises, she's doing well at the IFC. She's still close to me.

I sent my babygirl to IFC since she was 4 months. Now at almost 9-months old, she’s still very attached to me.

am only going to send my baby to ifc after 18mths (: she's joining the playgroup so should be okay

Super Mum

I send my girl to ifc since 5.5mo. She’s 10mo now and she still very close to us.