My wife and I are craving for a Chinese fix for weeks. Can anyone suggest a good Chinese restaurant in Manila?

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Wai Ying will always be my favorite Chinese restaurant. It's located in Benavidez St. Binondo. Guaranteed authentic Chinese food is served hot and fresh and the price is super affordable. Although, I gotta warn you. The place isn't as neat as other restaurants. Sharing with you a pic of my go-to Wai Ying orders. Beef Wanton Mami, Hakaw, Fried Rice and Sweet and Sour Pork

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Are you after a fancy Chinese cuisine or are you up to exploration and adventure? I suggest you go visit Binondo for authentic Chinese foods. You can there are lots of restaurants that you can choose from. I also suggest that you try Dong Bei's dumplings, Beef Noodle Brisket at The President's Tea House or Wai Ying :)

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