My wife has been breastfeeding our baby boy since birth. And milk demand has naturally increased over time as baby grows. How can she increase her milk supply or should we go for a mixture of milk powder feeding and breast milk feeding? Any advice or recommendation?

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Your wife can try to increase her milk supply by taking milk boosting foods like oats, lactation cookies, fenugreek etc. Different mommies have different foods that work for them, for example, a friend of mine drinks milo with a teaspoon of coconut oil and there will be an increase of milk. If the milk boosters work and she produces more milk, then it's best to continue with breastmilk because let's face it -- breastmilk is incomparable; it has the best sources of vitamins and minerals for baby. However, if there isn't much difference in her milk production despite taking the milk boosters, then you can introduce formula as a supplement to the breastmilk. Lots of mommies do this and it works well too :)

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How old is your baby? Preferably for the first 3 months, go for exclusive breastfeeding. From then on, you can supplement with formula milk. The tenure of breastfeeding differs for each mom. I know a friend of mine who fed her lo for almost 2 years. My lo is almost 11 months old and I recently introduced formula to complement gradually reducing volume. There are various factors pertaining to milk production - your hereditary genes, your diet and your overall health. Make sure you have below item in your regular diet red spinach avocado milk oatmeal cumin seeds Ajwain seeds and especially drink lots and lots of water

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There is no need to have a mixture of formula if the supply sufficient for baby. Breastfeeding is about demand and supply. Try to let baby latch more to maintain or increase supply. Alternatively, she can go for power pump. What works as a booster for me may not work for your wife. Everyone is different. Oatmeal is a common booster for many breastfeeding mothers. She can take with frisomum or any type of milk.

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breast milk is better for baby. eat more food which is good for boosting supply and of coz need to drink at least 3L of water(soup/Milo/juices) if she DL then shouldn't have problem unless not enough wet diapers.. if she pump, she need to pump 2-3 hourly and cannot skip motn pump too.

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great to see a supporting husband/father! get things like chia seeds too on top of the previous lists. and really, hydrate, plenty of rest, no stress over breastfeeding will help alot too. jiayou!

try to pump every 2-3 hr.. drink more water eat more food that r good at boosting supply.