Hi Mommies... im kinda worried as my BP is high at 143/96. Am currently at 35wks + What do i do?

High BP, worry

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hello, my bp shot up to 160-180 range in my 37th week which caused me to be induced and delivered my baby at 37wk +. gynae said 140/90 is thresholds for pregnant and postpartum ladies so do monitor and check in with gynae if it goes above this range. don't fret over it. I was constantly worried and that caused my bp to remain high. if its high, take 3 deep breaths, head bent down, feet on ground and back against chair. then take the reading again. take care

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My BP is generally higher on average even though I work out regularly. So long as your doctor clears you for preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, it should be ok. Pregnant mums generally have slightly higher BP than before they were pregnancy anyways. Maybe try more relaxing chill activities like swimming, chilling w legs elevated, meditation or soft music in the last month and eat less inflammatory heaty foods? Jiayou u are in your home stretch!

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1mo ago

thanks alot...for the sharing. currently its hard to take it easy as i have work to commitments before goin for maternity

Are you on Labetalol? Or Aspirin? Lie down, take slow deep breaths and drink plenty of water. Take your BP again 1hr later and see if it’s above 140, call up your gynae for advice.

I was given medicine at week 38 and had to be induced at 39+5, as the BP was still high.

Did your doc prescribe aspirin?

thanks makes me feel better

Doc did not