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What food to eat to lower BP during pregnancy? I'm in 38 weeks. BP at 160 ?

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Hi, I too have high BP and goes around 140 and on my 38 week of pregnancy. But last Friday it lowered to 110. My OB did prescribe med. Also she said to avoid salty and oily foods. Drink pineapple juice. I think it helps as well. More on fruits and leafy veggies. And lessen your rice as well. Hehe. Figthing Mamshie! ❤️

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I experienced in pre-eclampsia during my first pregnancy and c sec my baby at 36 week for safety reason. Reduce salty intake and rest/ sleep more will help to reduce your BP!

Can you please call up ur gynae and inform. It could be 1. Hypertension during preg. Gynae will prescribe Med 2. Pre eclampsia. This is very dangerous.

fruits, and cook your own meals so you can moderate what goes into your food intake

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Try leafy veggies, oatmeal, fruits and fish, take care!

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probably cook your own food without salt 😉

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Celery. Reduce your salt intake as well.

Hi, Limit and moderate your salt intake

Avoid salty food or salt intake

better tell gynae...