Why is their so much hype about pokemon go? Can let kids play with it?

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As for letting kids play with it, it ultimately depends on the parent's discretion. Pokemon Go is rated E for Everyone, meaning it is generally considered suitable for all ages. However, like any game that involves going outside and interacting with strangers, there are some safety concerns. Parents should supervise their children while playing and make sure they are aware of their surroundings to prevent accidents. It is also important to teach children about stranger danger and to set boundaries on where they can and cannot go while playing the game.

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It's the newest craze that lets you find pokemon characters in your city with the use of GPS. Like any video or phone games, it is addictive and can be dangerous if you are not paying attention in your surrounding. Would not recommend it for young kids. Instead, you can make your own pokemon go at home. Gather your pokemon plushies or any plushies for that matter. Hide them around the house and make a map for your lo where you hid them. Give prizes for every toy found. There you go, your very own pokemon go! :-)

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The latest crazes in state where ppl go around hunting for pokemon; not launched SG yet but probably very soon. To-date there are already many accidents related to this game; car accidents, some fell off the cliff and some even discovered dead-bodies. Definitely won't let my kids/ hubby touch this game as it's too dangerous.

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It's very dangerous game, some people have no limit when they playing games hence resulting in a few consequences: - spend money buy credit - play while crossing road (never see car etc) - play till nv sleep - Neglect studies - become intoxicated with the games and many bad habits, etc will happen.

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The idea sounds interesting. But it requires going around with a smartphone and GPS enabled. So I guess you can guide your child along if you want to let him/her play the game. May be a fun way to explore the neighbourhood. :)

hmm . but will not play it even the game is available in SG . cos it seem too hook to smart ph and seem very dangerous . . kids or adult some had already addicted to smart phone. so for me this is a big no

i think the plushies should be fine. is the eletronic devices that hooks onto people's mind. i believe you will be a great playmate to your child while exposing to pokemon as friendly characters.

After reading about many accidents and even adults getting addicted to it , I definitely won't recommend kids to play with it . One less game to be addicted , one less trouble

The soft toy is fine. But as for the game I advise not to because it might let the child addict to the game which might be very negative

i think this game is not for my son to play. i would rather choose more friendly and educational apps for him.