My son wants to play Pokemon GO, is it safe for a 5 year old ?

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Take a look at this article: I think it will be a fun game to play with your child. But as highlighted in the article, the game is probably geared towards teenagers and adults, so it is best that you are playing it together with your child. There are some safety concerns as well (such as not looking at the roads) being voiced out, so it is important to educate your child to observe safety while playing the game too. Have a read at the article, think it is a great guide for parents who is interested in allowing (or playing with) their children to play this game. Though it is not in the Singapore context, a lot of points are still applicable. Hope you find this useful. :)

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As long as you are around when he is walking around "catching Pokemon", it is safe! It's a very fun and educational game. Alot of math, strategy and creativity is needed to successfully play the game. Just make sure you hold his hand when he's playing in public places especially near roads and bodies of water. If you want to be extra safe, only let your son play the game under adult supervision. I've been playing it for some weeks now in Sweden and lots of kids play it, together with their parents and even grandparents!

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With supervision Yes, it would definetly be interesting, in fact it can also be made into an outdoor family outing. Many things are safe and good if it is done and used wisely. :) Im sure your 5 year old will be so happy to know that you have stepped into into his world.

Is good for children that over weight they can help for exercising, they need to walk around to seaching it. But walking well playing it still dangerous they might fail into the drain. If they never notice it.

No.. I dun thing is good for 5year old to play.. They still dunno Wat this going on... Not safe any all ..

With supervision please. If not it will be quite dangerous