Selfish husband

Why can't husband help their wife look after the baby? They always come back from work and go sleep directly. Looks like they are most tired people. Those man never think about their wife day and night look after their kids and newborn baby, do house chores. Some wife even not have enough sleep but their husband still complain their wife doing nothing. Those man is very selfish? Am I right? They can't said they tired from work and they should keep quiet help their wife look after baby.

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oh gosh b strong sis. i played the exhaustedgame whereby at one time i cannot openup my eyes anymore, exhausted with bf firstbaby was a son (drinks a lot!), got stressed up with all the cooking cleaning laundry n just blow up to my husband n my mumduring confinement...... i almost gonna locked up myself inside bathroom or kitchen for hours or consider taking a breather by just storming out of the hse and let him do all the stuff(coz he thinks im not as tired as him stay at home kan).....

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3y ago

but in the end i just stare into space into the windows (looks like depressed n stress), lock myself into the other room n make lotsa prayers to Allah swt (for one hr or more until i hear no more chaos of baby crying n husband scream n shout etc) since im a muslim so im always reminded to do that

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Your husband should know this. Don't keep it to yourself. You're tired too, and he needs to know that.

3y ago

No use. I told him twice. He will said I am tired after work. It seems he work as country minister but he just a small worker