Routines for your child

It’s important for us to create a routine for our child to follow. So why is it important to have a routine for our children. Simply because we have to let them be used to doing it. It could be as simple as - having breakfast and eating at a certain timing. All these helps the child to feel safe develop life skills and build a healthy habits. It also help parents to feel organised, reduce stress and be able to find time to do more stuff. What’s your routine like for your child?

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when she wakes up eat breakfast, take a bath, milk time then nap. after nap we play and sometimes eats biscuits or go for lunch then play time again thwn milk time and nap again. when she wakes up I dress her well then time to go out for a walk or meet her friends, after that go home then eat dinner, then do punas or half bath then milk and sleep 😊

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My 10mth to 15mth baby routine

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