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Why my 6 months old baby keeps waking up every 2 hours at night? I dont like the idea of cry-it-out method. And we do have bedtime routine. Sometimes i nurse to sleep, the other times i just pick her up and pat her to sleep. How to make my baby sleep through the night?

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Ever since my little girl got sleep regression she does not sleep throughout the night like she used to and also wakes up 3 to 4 hourly for feeds or comfort nurse. My way around this is a method which I like to call "STUFFING BABY UP LIKE A TURKEY" lol. Basically when it is coming close to my baby's bedtime, instead of 3 to 4 hourly, I will feed her hourly so she sleeps at 7pm or so (her bedtime), so I will feed her from both boobs at 5pm, 6pm and if needed 7pm as well. Then you got feeding and comfort latch all sorted out. Ever since I did this, she only wakes at 4am in the morning or 5.30am close to her waking up for infantcare. Only occasionally 2 or 3am. I have been applying it for a while and find it really works. If you keep your baby hydrated and really full the lightlyhood of them waking up is slim.

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