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Why my 6 months old baby keeps waking up every 2 hours at night? I dont like the idea of cry-it-out method. And we do have bedtime routine. Sometimes i nurse to sleep, the other times i just pick her up and pat her to sleep. How to make my baby sleep through the night?

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Ever since my little girl got sleep regression she does not sleep throughout the night like she used to and also wakes up 3 to 4 hourly for feeds or comfort nurse. My way around this is a method which I like to call "STUFFING BABY UP LIKE A TURKEY" lol. Basically when it is coming close to my baby's bedtime, instead of 3 to 4 hourly, I will feed her hourly so she sleeps at 7pm or so (her bedtime), so I will feed her from both boobs at 5pm, 6pm and if needed 7pm as well. Then you got feeding and comfort latch all sorted out. Ever since I did this, she only wakes at 4am in the morning or 5.30am close to her waking up for infantcare. Only occasionally 2 or 3am. I have been applying it for a while and find it really works. If you keep your baby hydrated and really full the lightlyhood of them waking up is slim.

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Babies will sleep through the night when they're developmentally ready.. my 9mo still wakes up every 2-3 hours for night feed, still need to be carried and rocked or nursed to sleep. I personally don't like the cry-it-out method too

If you do not like the idea of cry it out method, then you have to wait till the child is developmentally ready to sleep through the night as each child develops differently at their own pace.

Not all baby sleep through the night though . I know its a little tiring , but ..... trust me , u gonna miss it wen they grow .


Not all baby able to sleep thru the night. It depend on baby. Mine 13 month still wake up 3 hourly for milk

Mine does that from 4mo. Now 9mo and still the same..