which carrier is better between these two brands?

which would be your choice for a baby carrier? Soul Sling Singapore - Soul Anoona Ergobaby - Ergobaby OMNI 360

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Hi, I’m a trained Babywearing Educator from www.facebook.com/babycarriersrentalsg .. how old is your child currently and what is your build? Do you expect it to be more mouldable to child’s body or prefer sturdiness? Probably let us know what’s your Budget? All these help with decision making ◡̈

I would say the soul aseema as it can be used from newborn till 4 years old and have a good back support for days when we need to carry baby for a long period of time

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I switched between these two but always go back to Soul slings due to the lightweightness so dear ones dun feel hot in it.

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I bought ergo baby. Go try it at the store before purchase as everyone may have different preference. :)

Soul anoona doesn't have good back support. My boy was only 1yo when i stopped using it cos it hurts.

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Ergo baby is too good

Ergobaby for me


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Ergo aby