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Which will you choose Harmony or Oscar test?

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Oscar and harmony test for diff things. Unless you are high risk or highly suggested by ur gynae, harmony test might not be necessary (harmony cost about 1200, kkh has subsidy, I paid about $300+) Double check better

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I chose Oscar test because is cheaper and i am relatively of a low risk age. I think it depends on the age and risk level.

Harmony, I got a scare from Oscar's highly inaccurate result. You wouldn't want to go through that.

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I did igene. If have to choose between harmony or Oscar.. I would choose Oscar.

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I opt for Oscar, harmony is abit too expensive for me

I took Oscar.. If u are above 35, shld take harmony

Both because it tests for different things

I was 37 back then and just opt for Oscar

Trust me. Take harmony.

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Choose panorama