Where do u do ur online shopping? What do u buy where? For self? For family? For baby? Online shopping is such a big thing and often hear those around me buying lots online but I am lost and wonder how they find so much to buy...and if it's worth it

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pupsik (bought jujube diaper bag and earth mama nipple cream), shoppee (carter mitten and bootie, bamboo swaddle, jjobi box), amazon prime (crystal deodorant), lazada & qoo10 (to compare price). Babyfair presale or preorder online I'll look out for as well, usually for those that we need local warranty such as uv sterilizer for btles, playpen, carseat,pump.

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Qoo10,Shopee,Redmart and Honestbee. Convenient and no need to carry home,save time. Save money..can use promo code for discount,or coupon and point like on Qoo10.Some their prices cheaper than retails. I prefer shop online.

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qoo10 & shopee, mostly on LO stuff

I would do Taobao Qoo10 or even carousell. I would do price comparison to see which is the better deal

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Lazada and shopee. Pampers , some necessarities. More for baby

Lazada and shopee

Try Amazone Prime their services is super!

Shopee, lazada, Aliexpress!

Lazada shoppee