Where can I buy Aptamil stage 1 in Singapore?

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Occasionally, I see sellers selling them on Carousell or Gumtree. But I haven't actually seen it sold physically in the supermarkets of Singapore. It's widely available in Europe though, I see it all the time. Strange that it's not as easily available in Singapore.

Aptamil stage 1 is not sold in sg. Only stage 3 onwards. However you can buy it in hongkong, so if you have friends visiting you can bring it over. Alternatively it's sold in indonesia under Nutricia Royale (but produced in indonesia as well).

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Available in NTUC. And if you are keen from stage 2 onwards. Free 900g tin for first timer . I have promo code too 😀

you can now try every supermarket to find cause I've saw a few of them carrying it already

It is already available in SG. You can find this brand at NTUC

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Only in NTUC for now. Other supermarkets are not carrying it

Almost all the supermarkets are carrying it now.

Saw it before at NTUC, try NTUC finest/xtra.