Where to get a suitable bag for young toddler? And what to pack and how do u pack them all into the bag? For school use. She going cc in jan

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Mine will be going to CC in Jan! He will be under playgroup. I will pack the clothes that will be used after shower into a wet bag (Towel and spare set of uniform wth a diaper) Another spare clothes in a ziplock bag and labelled as spare. Then a few pcs of diapers. I will put the bottles and milk power in a small woven bag labelled with name so it's easier for the teachers also. For their matteress cover and blanket, j will put in a small bag. Monday they will keep it there then friday bring t back!

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6y ago

Skiphop can. But it will be very tight.

I used to use a skip hop. And I stuff everything inside. Milk dispenser, milk bottle, one set of afternoon uniform and towel. Another set extra. Pillow, blanket. Water bottle. Diapers.

6y ago

Able to fit everything 😱

Yes it is able to fit everything in. You can also try the jjcole. If you want something that will grow with your child, go for a deuter.

My kids used ergolino bags. Long lasting and they loved it

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A bag for their normal outing or for school?

6y ago

For school

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Skip hop bags are cute!