Where to buy decent nursing bra that is not too expensive? I'm returning back to work soon, so need to revamp my wardrobe.

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You can try to get it from taobao. They are the same as some sold at baby fair but alot cheaper. Should you need help, i can help you. Alternatively, you can go to baby fair to feel and source for the type of material that you may be looking for. Most importantly, you need to get the correct size. What i did was to try it out then go get it online. So much cheaper and more choices.

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Personally, you can shop online for cheaper alternatives as you may need a couple of them. I stocked up more than 10pcs (maybe am the kiasu type), in case it doesn't get dry up. I used to buy from shop, can feel the material and size but not economical. Nowadays, i shop online. Very cheap, material is also acceptable. Just needed to know your size.

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I've bought from baby fairs, online and Taobao. But one thing I've realized that the quality really varies. I've only been fully happy with some I bought from Taobao which were targetted at the European market, and were more expensive. Going back to work, I needed the fit to be good. Especially tricky if you're nursing and more well-endowed.

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If you shop online, Pupsik and Qoo10 have great selections that are affordable. Plus, they have credit card discounts and occasional discount codes that can reduce the price further. If you have a chance to go overseas, Bangkok is a great place to get good, cheap maternity, baby and post-maternity items.

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hi! I bought mine from mothercare and spring maternity. the one from mothercare sells 2 for $80. a bit too ex. but I feel that the one from spring maternity is not as expensive. there was a buy 3 get 1 free offer. so I grabbed the offer. the designs were also nice. quite a variety there.

Annee Mathew or Taobao - but they care mostly large triangular pieces at the breast which I find I can't wear some wide neck tops... I just bought frm mothercare sale 15% tshirt bras...slightly more expensive but worth the comfort and more normal bra like to allow u to wear other clothes

I've bought mine from Qoo10. It's in expensive and have many designs to choose from. my personal favourite is the seamless one with the hook at the top. I gog it for under $10. Though I did get one from Spring Maternity just to get fitted for the right size.

Q10 you can't try or fit properly and i think comfort is very important. Try a retail shop BOVE. They have outlet at Waterway Point and also in Orchard and their nursing bras are not too pricey. I got a few at $19.90 which i think is reasonable.

Online is one of the cheapest way to get nursing bra. If you choose to get it from the stores, be prepared that it will be quite costly. What size are you looking at? I have 2 brand new ones for sale if you want. Mine is size 42.

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I got mine online from Happy Maternity. Basic Nursing bra: https://www.happymaternity.com/collections/frontpage/products/hmbra?variant=3946908614667 You may also consider their camisoles; very convenient to nurse.