Where to buy decent nursing bra that is not too expensive? I'm returning back to work soon, so need to revamp my wardrobe.

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I bought mine at this sale place call babyexpo. U can find their address on Facebook. They are now at balestier. 3 for 45. When got further sale.. Its 5 for 50. I find it comfortable but no under wire.

I got Anne Matthew. Its really comfortable. But I noticed that if I wear v-neck, the bra strap will be obvious. so if you usually wear normal t-shirt, then its ok. Otherwise, q100 will be a good option.

Try to look out for genie bra. They look something like sport bra. It's so stretchable that if you want to nurse baby, just pull down the bra. Very cheap bra, they cost around 35 ringgit for 3 pieces.

You can check out at Qoo10, they have a wide selection of nursing bras. You also can try the moulded bra (no underwire) http://www.autumnz.com/nursing-lingerie-moulded-bra-no-underwire-c-5_29_31.html

I bought from Qoo10 and spring maternity. the ones I bought from Qoo10 are seriously cheap and comfortable. if not, can also get them from baby fairs. quite a lot of choices..

try qoo10 for budget or uniqlo..qoo10 has those very comfy tees with in built bras which cost under $15. for.uniqlo, they sell cotton dresses with inbuilt bra as well. but more exp

Anne Matthew! now still using for 3rd pregnancy! very comfortable I have been using it to nurse my 2 boys previously. normally get it when there's offer 2 for $39.90

i will buy at baby fairs, spring maternity, john little or at qoo10.sg. Otherwise, browse through carousel too. such a breeze to shop online and via phone now.

im wearing uniqlo's bratop. inbuilt pads so you dont have to wear a bra. feels more comfy, and easy for breastfeeding/pump. just whip it out and do the job

U can get it from qoo10 (nursing bra) you will find plenty of designs there, bought quite of them and the material is good and pricing are reasonable :)