Where to buy cheap testing strips for gestational diabetes? Any good deals?

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You can try Guardian. They sell Accu Chek strips for about 30SGD on average. If you have the PAssion card, you might be able to take some percent off the usual price (maybe not too sure about this). http://www.guardian.com.sg/search?text=Accu-Chek+ You might also want to try the Diabetic Store online (link below). They seem to have discounts but I've never bought anything from them before, not too sure about service and delivery. http://diabeticshop.com.sg/test-strips-c-30_88/?gclid=Cj0KEQjw4827BRDJvpbVuKvx-rIBEiQA2_CzsICJkYfixx10AM114nwVl1-43QjlFIDUX2jPQ4kRiD4aAvJK8P8HAQ

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I have seen them in Unity. Cant recall the rand, but unity always has gopd offers. I prefer them to gurdian and watsons.

im using accu chek performa, i bought the test strip at kkh for $18.54

I got 100 strips from Q100 for abt $24.90 only

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What glucose reader brand are you using?

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