Can someone introduce me where to buy cheap and good air humidifier ?

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I would recommend biocair humidifier! I bought from baby fair. There's one mummy's market fair upcoming this end of July. I have 3 kids. When one fall sick, the other 2 will follow suit. Ever since after having this product in my house, the chances of them cross-spreading germs and falling sick together has been minimized. It's probably the best investment I've made! Health matters more.

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Qoo10 has really cheap ones but not too sure about the quality. It's always hit or miss with Qoo10, sometimes you get a good deal, sometimes it can be quite dodgy. Hence, I suggest you try reputable places like Harvey Norman -- they have great sales sometimes, and there's warranty when you buy at these places. Another place you can try is Action City.

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Hi! I would suggest courts or Harvey Norman. Do chk out the variety that they have n also the discounts offered n then compare the functions n all too. If not U could chk out if expo is running a fair of electric items as it is quite often that they have it at really great offers available too. Hope tis helps Ur shopping!

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i got 1 from taobao. 1 frm courts. both are good . just that u got to figre out the functions and etc yrself for the taobao product. and for courts one. its a little bit more cosy. nt much easier to get to know the functions and hw to use it.

5y ago

Which one u get from taobao?

we bought from qoo10. large capacity so no need to keep topping up water at night.

Can try out qoo10. Not to forget they also have discounts, and discounts equals to more savings!

taobao not bad too. I use to buy thing there. bag, cloths, baby items, shoes, many many more.

Locally you can get Qoo10, Lazada. If you dare to venture, you can try Taobao.

There are two versions. One is called UMist baby... The other is called Umist

Can find at Taobao, Qoo10, Ezbuy, Lazada..