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When I am angry with my hubby, I just make him invisible 😂, then he will make his best just to make me smile, he will make all the household chores and he will cook my favorite dishes, till I forgive him ❤️

when i was alone im realize to still hurt if im keep quite couz thats is my qality to interrupt to them.actually based the options.

when im angry to my husband.i keep quiet and hide it to myself.and start to cry quietly!!!😭

hindi ako ngsasalita muna kapag galit pa ako kasi ayokong makapagsalita ng masama na baka pagsisisihan ko..

depends. most of the time i shout, occasionally i keep quiet. and when it's way too overwhelming for me I'll cry.

if I'm really angry then I don't say anything until it's subsided and I can think rationally again

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After several "trials" I think the silent treatment works the best!!

Everybody in the house knows that I am mad if I keep quiet and doesn't respond to them.

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depends on the situation, i think i go thru all emotions on different situations

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when I'm quiet, my husband knows that there's something wrong already..😊😁