When there is an emergency situation, which hospital A&E (government or private) will you choose and why?

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Depends on how serious is the emergency you mentioned. If medical assistance needs to be sought super urgently then it would be best to go to your nearest hospital. Private hospital waiting time is less and got more beds too. So it might work for illnesses like high fever. My client's daughter who is about 2 years old went to KKH A&E for high fever; turned out to be urinary tract infection. After discharge they went to seek a second opinion at TMC. Doctor suggested to perform a procedure on his daughter. However only KKH has the equipment required.

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I'll actually choose to send my baby to NUH A&E because I delivered my baby there and I have seen how passionate and friendly the staff there are. A large hospital would also have facilities and expertise for emergency operations if necessary whereas if a private hospital does not provide that particular service, the baby has to be sent in an ambulance to the public hospital. It also helps that there are government subsidies.

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It will have to KKH as they have the best equipment and manpower available to treat children emergencies and complex cases. Most babies have to be transferred to KKH at the end of the day if they require special surgeries or attention. Why make the double trip?

I heard private hospitals waiting time is less compared to govt one. Normally i would choose NUH too because it's nearer.