Feed baby solid food

When do you start feeding your baby solid food?

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i started at 4 months. gave her little freddies and kendamil cereal. but start little by little to not shock your baby's stomach.

started at 6 months for semi solid. I think about 8-9 months I start giving more solid

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I started mine 5 months near to 6. Start with cereal small amount.


6 months. but still puree. more solids during after 9 months

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5.5 months we tried some cereal and slowly by mashed veggie

started semi solid when baby dun drink milk and pd say ok.

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Starting from 6 months onwards start with fruit purry’s

I start at 4mth, becoz my baby doesn't like to drink milk

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6 months! Lesser thing to do. Hahaha

When the baby turned 6 months old