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When do u start bringing your baby out? How many months old?

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Zero months. But only to certain places. It depends on your comfort level. Avoid places with sick people/too many people/a lot of other children (they tend to be sick), and practise very good hand hygiene. We bring around hand sanitisers, so we can clean out hands before handling the baby. I also breastfeed a lot on the go, so I bring a nursing cover along with the other things in the baby bag.

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3months. Going out is a whole different ball game tho. Preparation of the mind and body. And other unexpected events like poopimg through the diapers, crying for no reason, need to breastmilk /milk at the moment. The need to constantly check on her temp. I don't mean to scare you. Though its good to have a mental note of the possibilities.

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For me it was 6 weeks but we dont go out with her at night and if we go out we dont come back when it's dark. I guess it's a old wife's tale or something but I've seen people taking out their babies to the malls nd it's dark outside so I really get so annoyed with some of these old wives tales at times

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Very short trips for limited times in the first month for doctor appointment and "sunbathing" for jaundice. Other than that, only after the first month for slightly longer trips, e.g. to parents place, church, etc. Didn't want to go to crowded places e.g. shopping mall until after 2 or 3 months.

We make it a point to bring our little one (3 mth old) for a stroll in the open area below our block on weekends to see the trees and flowers. We felt that this stimulate his brain development as he could discover something new each time.

I brought my baby out after a week from our discharge from the hospital, and that is for his follow up check up..after that, I bring him out to our yard every morning to receive sunlight..We brought him to travel, after his 1st month.

As per her pedia, safest is after 3 months. Avoid exposing your baby before that period coz her immune system is still not that matured. Might acquire post sepsis or pneumonia...

3 days after discharged need to go for jaundice check alrdy. Then 2 days later then another 3 days. Other than for check up, no reason then stay home only lah

Before 1mth will be for Jaundice check up, vaccination. Heading out will be after 1mth but only if necessary.

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Only during her vaccination we are taking her out. Cannot risk in this pandemic