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When do u start bringing your baby out? How many months old?

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6 days after birth to go on his brothers bday at the hotel.

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2 days after home from hospital for jaundice check.

5days old i brought him at the hospital for her new born screening

1 and half months..

I brought here before a week going to center for her vaccination.

Lol, i brought mine after a week but with precaution and good hygiene when handling the baby.

3months. Going out is a whole different ball game tho. Preparation of the mind and body. And other unexpected events like poopimg through the diapers, crying for no reason, need to breastmilk /milk at the moment. The need to constantly check on her temp. I don't mean to scare you. Though its good to have a mental note of the possibilities.

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At 3wks we alr brought him out

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3 months after her vaccination

2 months