When should you visit the PD / hospital when 6-month old baby has a fever? My angel has been running a 38-38.5 degree fever for a few hours now. I have sponged her, fed her milk and used a kool fever patch. I have paracetamol for baby at home (from her vaccination). Should I give her that?

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Paracetamol will help bring down the temperature but may not help to treat the cause. There are two types of fever, Viral and Bacteria. The former is brought on when body is fighting an illness caused by a virus. There will be some fluctuations in temperature and the fever usually would last for around 3-7 days. Bacteria fever, on the other hand, takes place when body is fighting off an infection. In such cases, the temperature remains high before breaking. Antibiotics are of no use in viral fevers, but are likely needed for bacteria fever. If your child is feeling lethargic and eating poorly, or exhibit any of these signs (from http://www.kkh.com.sg/healthpedia/pages/childhoodillnessesfever.aspx): - Has difficulty breathing - Is drowsy - Looks sicker than previously - Has abdominal pain and discomfort - Has rash - Has decreased urine output Best to consult a doctor. Hope she gets well soon!!

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38deg is high for baby. Try not to place the fever patch on the forehead. It will attract all the heat there. Instead place behind the neck, back, armpit. Old traditional method that works and get the heat out quickly besides showering in cool water (not ice cold just normal running water), is to mix a handful of tamarind in water and in a a shampooing technique spread on the hair and lather on the whole body eapecially where the heat generates/ gets out from. Leave say for a minute and shower. Becareful not to touch the eyes. You won't want another hassle. The natural remedies from the tamarind sucks the heat away. Try several times. Otherwise see the Doctor. You wouldn't want to cause Brain damage when it started to eccelerate to 39degree and 40degrees is emergency dear.

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from my PD advice, you can give paracetamol. only if yours has prescribe. but at 6 months. i always wait on the drugs. breastmilk always comes first if you are still feeding.

If fever persists for 5 days or more than bring her to Pd. For fever below 38.5 can give paracetamol (2.5ml) every 4-6 hours. Max 4 dose a day. For fever at 39, use ibuprofen. For fever above 40. Take her to hospital immediately. You can also sponge her with room temperature water and Ensure she is getting plenty of liquids. Mill, water or barley water is good for her. Kool fever patch is a waste of time. Don't bother

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Kids this age is hate to guess fever is due to wat reason, if it's above 39, best to go see PD for a check why it's rise so high. If not, keep sponging and feed paracetamol with the time frame and monitor her condition, it's getting better, maybe just viral, get worst than need check with doc wat the reason of high fever.

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how long has your baby been with that temperature? is her appetite still okay? is she fussing alot? perhaps you can wait till tmr morning and see if things improve?

If she's kinda active, I'd just give her fever meds if I were you. Fight the illness, and gain more immunity next time ;)