When should a mother resume work after having a baby?
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< 1 yr
1 - 2 yrs
> 2 yrs
She should not

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it all depends on your income. if say my income is less than 2k, then perhaps staying home longer than 4mths wouldn't hurt the pocket as compared to soneone earning more than 2.8k onwards.

I believe that taking care of your kids is the 1st priority, going back to the regular work can wait, mom can still opt to work at home if really needed

the first couple of years of the baby is very important for bonding so between 1-2 years seems to be the best time.

Whatever she wants and / or can afford! Women should not feel guilty for working a job or not working a job!

The starting period plays an important role, so i would prefer resuming work after 1 year .


kpag CS kc kailangan 1-2 years para sken

1year maternity leave with pay...hehehe

4y ago

What company such a good benefit


looking for shorter work week