First visit to Gynae

Hi, when is the recommended 1st visit to Gynae once you found out about your pregnancy? I was advised during week 5 or 6.

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Wk 6-8 is the best because by then u wld be able to see and hear heartbeat. Some gynaes will only see patients aft wk 6. There's no need to go so early unless u have abnormal discharge or very bad nausea and symptoms. Meanwhile, start taking folic acid if u haven't.

I called up the gyane and said I was 2-3 weeks pregnant as per the test kit and was advised to go on week 7 unless there is spotting then you go earlier.

Nope, I went when immediately when I know I’m preg.. It was ard 4 weeks.. To go early to check would be e best

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I went after 6 wks ah.. ard 6-8.. to save the heartache of being able/unable to hear heartbeat

I see a gynae at wk 8 coz thats when i got to know i am preggy 😂😂

Fourth week.