What’s your schedule like?

Hi when you're preggy what time do you usually wake up in the morning and sleep in the evening?

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I go to bed at 10pm or 11pm, always get up very early around 3am/4am because i want to get a pee (while in fact i always take a pee before go to bed), and i’m sleep again and i wake up again at 4.30am or 5am to cook for my husband. Feeling very tired all the time 😢

No specific time kasi paiba-iba ang dalaw ng antok sakin. Most of the time, I slept so late til around 4AM when I was pregnant with my first baby and tanghali na ako bumabangon that's why I had to file leave of absence from work as early as 4 months kasi hindi talaga ako makabangon ng maaga.

Hy Hy afternoon guys can I ask a can be pregnant if I have this kind of symthoms in my self back pains itches charging of discharge cravings for ugly food urine time and time can't even hold my urine I last saw my period on 29 Agust

Nagigising ako ng 6am para tumulong sa byenan ko s gawaing bahay. After lunch, hinahayaan na nya ako makapahinga. After dinner usually 8pm or 9, natutulog ako then nagigising ng midnight para makausap via video call si hubby..

Usually around 11pm or 1am. If hubby’s not at home 3am or 4am ‘cause I hate going to bed early specially if I’m the only one at home. Wakes up at 11am or depends what time hubby’s goes to work in the morning. 😵

At night I wake up so many times that i wake up early like around 8 am. Some times I feel sleepy at noon..so I take a nap. and try to sleep at night at 11 pm.. That's what is going on in my 1st trimester.

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ya me too😫

There were months when I used to stay awake the whole night then I would feel sleepy in the morning na. It was a struggle for me to work so I had to take a leave of absence for a couple of weeks.

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When i was pregnant for the first time, i was working, so i had to wake up as usual for my work. Now being a mum and pregnant, there is no such thing call SLEEPING IN. hahaha.

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Between 11pm to 1am... this is insomnia actually....up at 7.30am... nap at about 4pm.... on long medical leave... Usually I sleep from 10pm to 6am before pregnancy


While preggy, I’d doze off around 11pm But right on the dot, my baby would start kicking around 3-5am and awaken me then I sleep again till around 9am