Mid Autumn Festival

When I was a little girl, my family would take a walk with our lanterns to Little Guilin. When we got there, we’d play with candles and sparklers. Later that night, we’d go home to enjoy some mooncakes and Chinese tea. This year, I’ve taken the effort to introduce mooncakes to the kids.. I can’t understand what’s not to like about them, but it’s a challenge 😅😅 I also intend to bring them to a mid autumn festival event later this week. Since I’m in an inter-racial marriage, I feel it’s important to help the kids learn about our different cultures. What are you planning to do with your family? How did you used to celebrate it when you were a child?

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I remember doing our own DIY lanterns which we play with all night during the festival. we would also sit down as a family eating mooncakes and pomelos until our stomaches explode. good old days. we did celebrate it last weekend but just a simple meal for everyone.