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When do I need to start wearing maternity bras? Im 12 weeks now and my old bras are getting too small.

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I experienced the same thing too. Felt so uncomfortable like my food cant go down to my stomach each time i eat 🤣 I started wearing wireless bras since my first trimester. Now in my 3rd trimester i start to buy nursing bras to prepare.

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You can already start wearing them since there’s no underwire. It’s comfortable plus you would be wearing them daily after delivery. So I would say, no harm to get a few. Note that your size can go up to two cups larger.

If your bra feels tight, then you should get the maternity bra, or a cup or 2 bigger than your normal size. I bought mine without the underwire at Marks&Spencer or get an extender. Its much more comfy.

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For the first few months i bought wireless bras for comfort... like from uniqlo or pierre cardin. Subsequently i invested in maternity bras to prepare for birth and breastfeeding


Yes me too! The breast tenderness is real n my breast is growing n what used to be loose is now tight. N I’m only 10 weekish 🥺 maternity bras sounds good.

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Maternity bras are more for breastfeeding, if your size increase you can either get bigger bra or maternity bra so you can use it next time to breastfeed :)

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It depends, i started around 6-7 months when I felt slight engorge and by then can’t fit into the old one anymore

I think it totally depends, I know people who didnt need it all. in your case I think you can start now

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Maternity bra is for breastfeeding... Just get several regular bras with 1/2 cups bigger

I got bigger size from Lazada and its verry useful for breastfeeding

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