When is a good time to start solid for 4.5mths old baby? And what food should i start with? Feed once a day? How much to give?

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It's best to wait it out at 6 months. WHO as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics has updated guidelines wherein solids should be given at 6 months onwards or basically after the first 180 days of life. It is best to start with indigenous fruits and veggies like avocado, carrots, bananas, sayote, potatoes. You can try them one at a time to check for possible allergies and then you can go ahead and mix and match them. Much better to just mash the food and not puree. Babies know how to chew even if they don't have teeth. If puréed food, they tend to just swallow the food without learning how to chew. Babies need to be familiar with texture. And also chewing is a precursor to talking. Also, please watch out for signs of readiness. You don't just give solids because they reached 6 months. As per kellymom, baby is ready when: -baby can sit well unsupported -baby has lost the tongue thrust reflex -baby is ready and willing to chew -baby is developing pincer grasp -baby is showing eagerness to eat As a mom, i followed these and got a lot of benefits by following these guidelines. No difficulty in feeding and i have learned to eat healthy as well.

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I started mine at 4 months old once for breakfast or lunch. Try not to feed during night time when they are this young as it will be harder for them to digest. To give them solids this early is just for them to have a taste of food, do not take away any milk feed after feeding solids. It will be good to feed just purée now. Porridge to start at 6 months. Golden rule of feeding solids to baby is that you must feed the same food for 4 days in a row to test for allergies. Try not to mix food when they are this young.

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6 months old will be the right time to start solid. You can start with fruits/vege puree + rice cereal from 6-8mo. Follow the 3 days rule feeding schedule. 9mo can start porridge if you want.

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6 months would be ideal. Start once a day first with a teaspoon full and gradually increase consistency and amount. Remember the one week one food rule to determine for allergies.

best not to start too early, around 6mths is ideal. research has shown that risk of food allergies will be greatly reduced.

6 months. start with veggie puree.