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When to drink coconut water during pregnancy?

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Nainum po ako everyday ng coconut water since nalaman ko buntis ako 13weekz 2days po ako now BAWAL po ba un Natatakot kasi ko baka atakihin ako ng UTI ko habng buntis kaya if possible every morning nainom po ako 2 coconut aday May bad effects po b kay baby un?

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Just ask my gynae about this, she gave green light for me to drink altho I’m still 20 weeks. But she ask not to drink so often bcs coconut water contain sugar and doesn’t want me to get diabetic.

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Final trimester onwards u can start to drink once or twice a week. Go for those fresh coconut water. Eat with the coconut flesh to counter the cooling nature of coconut water.

Not a fan of coconut water, but now in 3trime, coconut water tastes so good then ever. I guess baby will tell when is the right time for coconut water.

After the first trimester - drink the fresh coconut. You can buy entire coconut from the market. Second trimester is the best time to drink.

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Had it throughout and it helped me keep hydrated, avoid nausea & acid reflux so go for it. My Doctor also confirmed it's good to have 👍


After 8 month. Drink it weekly. Drink those green color coconut water.

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First and second trimester and avoided in the third trimester

Hey, Best suggested is third trimester onwards

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Usually 3rd trimester in about 35 weeks