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When did you mummies start to buy baby stuff? I just entered third trimester and i have not prepared or shopped for anything! Haha. Any online places to recommend apart from Shopee?

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Qoo10, Lazada, AliExpress,Ezbuy for commercial online stores. Otherwise you can go to baby stores online eg. Mothercare/Pupsik Or the online baby fair sites too (Mummy’s Market, SuperMom) Retail shops will start opening this Friday, but try to stay home if possible and protect yourself:)

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I bought newborn clothes in stores (before the circuit breaker) after knowing the gender and the rest towards end of second trimester. I bought mostly from Qoo10, Mothercare & Pupsik. Now at 37 weeks, no energy to go out and buy stuff already! 😆

Shoppee is where I get most of baby's stuff from! Do order early though as it may take longer to receive the items during this period. I also survey other online sites (pupsik, babyland, supermom, mothercare, babygogo) to get the best prices

End of second trimester i started getting my baby boy clothings from shopee as i am using shopback but other bb stuff i haven't get yet waiting for this Friday shop to be open

Am in my wk30 too! Have barely buy anything too 🤣 But have been browsing from: Pupsik - baby cot Qoo10 - swaddles n diapers promo Babyland and Mummy Market online fairs

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since the start of my pregnancy all the way till i popped haha, i slowly bought items

When I was 4 months preggy, I started to go bb fairs buy stuff :)

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Buy online more convenient and more deals

I start the buying during third trimester

Lazada - Baby Kingdom 😊 Baby Expo