Carrier vs Stroller

When would you decide to bring baby out in carrier or stroller and both?

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It depends on your baby, travelling time and your own comfort level. Baby may prefer to be in a carrier to be closer to mummy. Baby also cannot see much of the outside world when in a stroller. You also have to use the lifts more often instead of escalators when using a stroller.

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Bring bth is the BEST CHOICE & it has became a habit of me wearing the carrier the moment I step out of my hse like a BELT hahahahahaha always wearing it untill I reach bck hm

It depends. If i am going somewhere near and nvr take bus, i will use either stroller or carrier. If i am alone, going somewhere far or need to take bus, just carrier.

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For stroller that can lower the support to 180 degrees flat down, the baby can sleep in the stroller and no need carry

Sometimes both if we’re going out for long. If it’s just a short trip then it’s just the carrier

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Carrier is ok but if you go outdoors it is really hot and sweaty and baby may complain

Carrier most of the time but if we go out to run some errands then we prefer stroller

Depends on the situation.. majority times i'll bring stroller as I have errands to do

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When my baby is 4 months, go out in baby stroller and after 6 months in baby carrier


If nearby will take stroller. If need to go far and take transport then carrier.