Marriage - describe your husband in one word

What's the first word that comes into your mind when you think of your spouse? #marriage #relationship #husbands

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Faithful. We know each other 10 years ago on a gaming platform. We got together for a while before somebody broke us apart. We went on with our life, I got married whereas he kept on waiting. After something dreadful happened, I left my ex-husband, he was there to catch my fall. Now that we are together for 5 years, he knows that I'm mentally and financially not ready to start a new family, he is still waiting. Cannot thank god enough for his existence.

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Adventure :) We met 7 years ago when I was 22, on exchange in Sweden and every day has been an adventure of sorts -- of the mind, the heart and actual adventures (travels etc). It hasn't always been smooth and it took us a while to figure things out but I'd do it all over again because of the awesome adventures. And I'm sure there'll be plenty more adventures for us in years to come :) #cheesybuttrue

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Easygoing. He forgives and forgets easily. Always there to lend a helping hand (not just to me) whenever needed and does not expect anything in return. Not calculative as well. So.. I often gets away with not performing some chores like washing toilets. He will just do it as though it's simply part of his responsibility. ;p

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Responsible: He not only fulfils all his individual responsibilities as a father, son, husband and friend, but also helps me be a good parent. The best thing is he completely agrees that parenting is a joint responsibility and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sharing household and baby chores.

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Caring. I feel that he is really caring for me, since the university days. He knows I am busy with school works and volunteered to pack food for me when I skip meals. We have been married for 6years and he is still the same. Now he is still care alot about me, sometimes more than his children.

Contrast, that goes perfect. We both are two completely different people. Our personalities, likes, dislikes, everything is different. But for the love of each other we try each other's things and now there are times when we have even started liking some of each other's 'likings'.

Responsible. He always thinks us first and willing to sacrifice to be far from us just to give us a better life. I always assure him that I am not asking for much and I'm comfortable living a simple life but he want to make sure that our baby will have a brighter future.

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Patient. My hubby has always been very patient with me. He is the best person for my temperament and I think he is the only one who can stand my nonsense. This is definitely his best trait and I love him for it. :)

Perfect as a 2nd mother for my baby all the time , he ia more concious tgen me for our little master & when it comes to care ,& responsibilities always ready to help 😋😍Super Hero Dad & Hubby