What do you do when you are having a bad day? Everything that could go wrong is going wrong today. Full time working Mum with a 3 month old.

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I can identify with you mummy. I'm also a working mum.There are times when it is really not my day. Stress at work, reach home another stress...Argh...sometimes really just want to get away and be alone. However, its good to talk to someone whom you can trust like your hubby, parents or even closed friends. I will also have a positive mind that tml will be a brand new day! I'll sometimes give myself a good treat to desserts!! Yummy!! Never fails to brighten up my day. Sometimes my LOs also makes me angry. I'll just step aside to cool down first. When I'm better I'll play with them or bring them out to play. Seeing them smiles I also happy!! =)

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I feel u. I'm a ftwm too and there will be days when everything go wrong & I will feel very frustrated. For me,I'm the main caregiver at night as hubby work night shift so I have to Ensure my mood, my attitude, my behaviour is right when facing my two kids. When I reach home usually I will go straight to the bathroom for a refreshing bath, take a deep breath & Cool down. Actually ah, I Look at my two kids My problems will just automatically disappear!

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Take a step back and breathe for a few minutes. Things go bad for everyone, every now and then -- don't let it get you down. If it were me, I'd leave baby with my mom or husband and go for a walk. Often it's best if I had a brief change of scenery when I feel like the whole world is out to get me. After my walks, I usually feel much better and calmer. Hang in there, Mommy!

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I am also a full time working mum with a 3 month old. It's not easy and sometimes work can be so darn fustrating. Playing with my baby girl sometimes will add to the stress (and occasional guilt), so I will go for a foot rub or nice hot shower, play some music, and destress. Aromatherapy also helps - esp lavender scents. Sorry you are having a bad day

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take a step back and relax..do something that you like, eat something that will make u feel better. usually i go for a quick exercise like a swim or a jog and i would feel better. always allocate some 'me' time for yourself so you always have energy to go further :)

stay relaxed and take a good deep breath. sometimes you can take half day leave to pamper your mood. i used to be ftwm. always had a bad day. will sometimes take leave to go pampering myself before getting home to face the children. hee.

just relax breath in & out mostly think positively tom. is another day still not the end of the world look your baby eyes & you will feel calm. I'm mom of 3 & when I'm down I just think about my children I feel recharged again

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Eat chocholate, have foot massage down the block (lucky there are plenty of massage places near my block), take a long warm shower while listening to my favourite songs... In stress, we need more "me" time :)

Breathe! Think good thoughts, rant to someone, give your baby kisses and hugs... Sounds corny but this is how I cope. Worse case scenario hide somewhere for a good cry to let out the frustration.

just relax. have a cup of yummy cool ice cream and pop some chocolate if u love all this. leave all house work behind and enjoy lying down with baby on bed and relax with some soothing music