Is teething painful for babies

What were the signs of teething?

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Drooling and cranky signs

Yes painful. Drooling and cranky

Just excessive drooling for my baby

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Depends on the baby, mine didn't have any symptom, no drooling at all. Only cranky for 1-2 days when the teeth popped out.

drooling, super cranky

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Dun wan to drink

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Yes it can be. At one point, my LO couldn’t even drink from the milk bottle or sleep because of it. Excessive drooling, biting on things, poor feeding, fussiness/crying and fever can all be signs

I supposed leh. Otherwise they wouldn't be so cranky. My LO signs are drooling and super fussiness. After few days passed, the tooth cut through gums already. My 5.5months already got her 2 bottom tooth popped out. These 2 days she started to get super fussy and drooling again, I guessed her top front gonna cut out her gums soon.

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i rmbr my siblings usually have fever and got super cranky. even the pacifier had to change several times. so need to prepare for these moments 😅