What was the most useful wedding gift you received?

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I've only received ang baos and jewelries for my wedding. Since I'm not really a big fan of wearing accessories in general, the ang baos were the most practical and useful gift (especially when we all all know that a wedding in Singapore does not come cheap..). ;)

Probably ang baos and couple stuffed animals, as my friends know that I love to decorate my room with stuffed toys haha. In terms of usefulness, I'd say that household stuff like mugs or maybe even a coffee machine was a really lovely choice of gift.

Most useful gift was actually from my parents. Traditional bath tubs & potty trainer. At least till today I am still using it for the kids. Other gifts eg perfume, necklaces, gold.. Seriously I have to ransack my room to see where I have hide it.

I would love money, which is typical of a Singaporean wedding, but in my fiance's culture, they receive actual gifts from a wedding register so if I could get both, it'll be awesome haha!

Anything is greatly appreciated but money would be the best. It will come in useful for offsetting the wedding costs and will go a long way to future household related expenses.

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Except ang baos? My friends gave me stools set that can be use as a storage too. Super useful for hiding tiny little things that i have no heart to throw it yet :p

Wine glass..i never thought it would be so useful until nagsunod sunod ang okasyon sa bahay..😍

other than money? bedsheets! I love those couple bedsheets that are super cooling n comfy

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I received a baking oven and a vaccum cleaner. I was really happy with both the gifts.

Not yet went through it, but I would value most the presence of friends