What is the greatest thing you gave up for your child?

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My self, I guess? I was giving so much to my kids that it went to a point where I was already neglecting taking care of myself. My days went by without brushing hair, wearing decent clothes and not even caring if my skin is dry or my nails are a nightmare already. My aspirations slowly escapes me and I was burying myself with worries and doubts. I was sacrificing too much of myself thinking that it's good to give up all of me so I can live solely for my kids. It's a good thing I have a strong support system and that I never lost grip in my faith. Slowly, I'm regaining what I had that I hid somewhere to be left forgotten. I'm glad to share to other moms that giving up yourself for your family is not a heroic act. Nurturing and pushing to be a better version of yourself each day benefits your family more than it benefits you. :) :D

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