The little one has started sprouting teeth, making breastfeeding difficult, as there is a lot of biting. Should I stop?

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Technically, if a baby is nursing properly, he/she is unable to bite the mother at the same time. This is because the tongue will be covering the bottom teeth/gum. That being said, a baby may still bite or would attempt to, especially when he/she is tething. Usually, a baby bites just before or after nursing. It could be that he/she is impatient while waiting for the milk to come out, or that he/she is done with nursing and just biting out of boredem. To prvent getting bitten from your baby, you can try: - if baby is teeth: offer your baby a teething toy or something cold for her to bite on. You can also offer this before a feeding session to prevent him/her from biting at the start of the session. - At the start of the session: ensure that your baby opens wide when latching on to ensure that he/she latches on properly. - At the end of the session: watch out for signs of boredom from the baby. You can also watch for tension in baby’s jam or when he/she pull his/her tongue back from the normal position (over the lower gum/teeth). Take baby away from breast before he/she can start biting. In general, pay attention to your baby. Do not force a feeding session if he/she is not interested in nursing. Also, paying attention to your baby (such as by maintain eye contact with him/her) may help prevent your baby from biting to attract your attention. For more tips on how to breastfeed a biting baby, you can refer to this article: Hope one of these suggestions will work for you!

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Thank you so much!