Cow milk for 1 year old

What type of cow milk can I give to 1 year old? Are those Marigold fresh milk at ntuc type ok?

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Those are okay:) I give my daughter UHT milk, so that we can buy in bulk and don’t need to store them in the fridge, except for the pack that’s open. Heh

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Yup. Fresh full cream milk is fine for one year and above. I gave mine too. No fixed brand though. Just see which one on offer.

My PD told me any brand was ok. But a lot of Mums here recommended Meiji, so that’s what I’ve been using for my LO.

I started with UHT Marigold full cream milk. Any full cream milk is fine as they still need the calcium

Super Mum

Buy those formula milk and give them slightly warm milk . Prevent coughing from worsening

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Full cream I think. I saw in Nature One Dairy IG you can request for sample ☺️

Super Mum

If your child has phelgm problem , avoid the cold fresh milk.

Do you warm the milk before giving to your LO?

Yes full cream is good :)

Yes, cowhead also can..