When baby is 1 year old, we can give him fresh cow/goat milk... So do we stop giving formula milk? Is fresh milk better than formula milk?

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I agree with the above mother. Stage 3 no 4 fm are marketed to work on the insecurities of parents regarding their child's diet. As long as baby taking solids well, 3 meals a day, everyday got carbo, protein and fat, there are foods that contain iron and calcium a few times a week, there are fruits and vege everyday then u are doing fine. Best is f it all appears in every meal but it can also be got eat all the categories in 1-2 days. U can give either or both. Fresh milk is cheaper than fm. Fm is just just some milk, their throw in some extra stuff and mark up the price. Whichever u give, just don't give too much milk otherwise baby will not have the appetite for solids caz he is filled with milk le. Ur aim is to mainly solids. Some milk on the side

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Depending on ur sch of thoughts .since by 1 year old their main should be solid n milk is only a supplement .. for myself I feel safer to mix maybe 1 feed fresh milk n 1 feed fm. Cause I'm not too sure if my LO will have a balance diet or not .. I feel if I give fm at least I have something to fall back on .. but in order to cut cost I will also give fresh (anyway sooner or later they will outgrow fm )

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yes try a brand of fresh milk she also rejecting, still trying out other brand.. feed her by spoon if she like it she ask for more. but mummies she is below 2 yr old , does it affect her tummy if she prefer fresh milk than formula? fresh milk can be cold for tummy ?

I never thought of trying fresh milk like meiji to the my LO.. Cause now she rejecting formula.. she only bf when i reach home, while i'm at work she eat well and drink water or juice.. will it be alright? I rather worried she dont get enough calcium intake .

Dependson you. For me I give fresh milk or goats milk. I stopped formula. I don't see why we should be giving our kids formula as long they are have a balanced diet. Neither is better then the other. Both does the same job. FM price here is crazy.

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Yes. FM is very over priced. In the European countries they give fresh milk. Brands such as Meiji, organic valley, green fields or farmhouse. They are cheaper too. I give my child fresh milk.