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What time does your 1 years old sleep?and what time they wake up? As i see they need to have at least 11.5 hours of sleep at night

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My daughter rarely had 11.5 hours of night sleep all her life. Haha. But some of my friends manage to achieve that with their kids. My daughter slept at 9pm and woke up at 7.30am at that age. My friends’ kids can sleep from 7pm-7am. That being said, my husband enforced strict nap routines for my daughter (probably 4h/day total) at that age, so she was still getting enough rest. Even at almost 4 years old, she will have an afternoon nap at a fixed timing every day.

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2y ago

As ifc rule is to change the diaper before coming to school

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About 9 hours at night. From 10pm to 7am. Longer on weekends. Think she slept in childcare too.

Super Mum

Mine slept about 9.5 hrs at night and another 1-2 hours in ifc