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Hi. My 5 months old baby boy is sleeping very little recently. He will just sleep for 30 minutes and wake up few hours during the day time. At night he can sleep but not soundly will make some noise in between. Is this normal? Why he not sleeping more in the day time?

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He’s getting more curious as he’s growing older and starting to understand a little more things. My LO was also like that when she was a bit older. I try to make sure there aren’t any distractions and any loud noises at home when she’s taking her nap so she doesn’t feel like she’s being left out of anything. It helps her sleep a little longer when it’s very quiet at home and the room must be dark too. Maybe you can try that and see if there are any changes to his sleeping routine

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My LO has been like that everyday since he was 3.5 months old. He will only nap between 2-4 times a day and each nap is only 30mins. He sleep at 9pm and wakes up between 6.30am - 8am. He didn’t sleep soundly too. Now he is 7months old and still like this.