What to take note for baby's first swim at public Swimming pool? She is 10month old now. What should I prepare? Should I apply sun block for her? if the chemical ok for baby? What time is the most suitable?

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My baby went to the public pool since 4+months. No problem. Personally I prefer late afternoon .. As morn, the water may be too cold n not warm enough ... Late afternoon I feel the water is warmer since the dun has been shinning it for so many hours already ... I always forgot to put sun screen for my boy though but I'll try to let him swim under the shade if possible

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I personally prefer about 10am. When the sun is good and yet not too hot. For a 10month old i would let her play for about 20 minutes on average. Yes i do apply sun block. Sun block is an essential not only for us adults but our kids as well.

7y ago

mine went pool from 6mo onwards..think no issue with chemicals unless yr child goes to the pool everyday