Share your food aversions while pregnant!

What are the stuff that you eat pre-pregnancy but can’t eat during pregnancy? For me it’s CHICKEN!!

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Kimchi, sotong, pork belly, fatty meats. Used to eat these but now the sight and smell of them turn me off or make me nauseous.

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So far everything is same. But kinda dislike the cooked cabbage now. I can eat still but don't like it

Anything garlicky and traditional kinds of Chinese food like those at Chinese restaurants!

Anything with prawn, truffles, seaweed, garlic, curry 😂

Chicken meat fish ! 😢 everything was a no....

Salad! I got nauseous with salad

Egg, chocolate, cookies, beef

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Tom yam and curry chicken

Anything with garlic

Steak 😄 and soup