What are some good extracurriculars for Filipino kids to get into?

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I think, teaching the kids on how to play traditional or "street games" is nice too. It's more fun to play it with other kids in your neighbor hood. Tubang preso is the best! But the funny thing here is, instead of using "rambo" tsinelas as "pamato" for tumbang preso, our kids will use havaianas and crocs instead haha.

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My favorite is Home Economics particularly cooking and dressmaking. It's very useful especially now that I'm a mom. I still cook up to know the first recipe we cooked in grade school. And my knowledge in dressmaking was put to good use especially I have a daughter. I have made her some dresses, skirts and headbands.

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Growing up, I loved Home Economics so my clubs were about cooking. Now that I have my own family, I'm glad I fostered that interest of mine. It helps me make my family satisfied and enjoyed with all the food I serve.

Pinoy sports definitely for the boys and Filipino dishes cooking lessons for the girls. When I was a kid, I did both. I played sepak takraw and been cooking pinoy foods since 8 years old.

Sports is a good extra curricular activity too. You can have your kid trained into maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Try volleyball, tennis, badminton and other types of sport.

Sports and learning to play a musical instrument. Aside from the discipline na matututunan nila it gives them the opportunity to excel on something.

Music classes are very great for kids. It stimulates both sides of the brain, and teaches perseverance and discipline. Plus, music's fun :)