Food with lactation to increase breast milk during pregnancy

What are some of the foods that helps to increase the breast milk during pregnancy?

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Here r some food to eat and avoid during nursing. Take note that Some of the food isnt suitable during pregnancy but okay during nursing.

Different ppl will react differently to lactation food. For me, papaya and those lactation cookies helped.

Cow Milk ,Sweet Potato: Salmon, Apricots Water And Juices ,Carrots Oatmeal ,Spinach

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I drinks plenty of red dates and mineral water. You also must have ample rest.

I took milo (it kinda works), papaya soup & fenugreek supplement

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Try fenugreek, chickpeas, oatmeal or milk

Red dates, water, lactation cookies

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green veggies, it helps alot for me

Lactation cookies!!

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