What are some Filipino myths about getting your first period that you once believed? As for me, it was skipping steps on the stairs in order to avoid a heavy flow throughout my lifetime.

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hi i also tried that one, as for my mother in order for me to have it in a shorter period of time. it only last untill 3rd day of menstruation. i also tried rolling an egg around may face, putting a gumamela flower in my right ear. i just dont remember how it means, but if i have a chance to ask it to my mother i'll tell you the soonest.

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Washing and damping of the underwear with the first stains of your period to your face so you won't have pimples. I didn't do it though but I was so scared that time that I might get a lot of pimples since I didn't follow it.

I was also told by my lola to do that too. But when she told me to wash my face with my menstrual blood, I was quick to disagree doing it for obvious reasons haha. I'm glad I didn't do it.

Do not take a bath sitting because air can enter your vagina so it will be painful. I really don't know if that's true but I have not been doing that since.