Face Shield No More?

With Metro Manila on Alert Level 2 until November 30th, we can now say goodbye to our dear old friend Face Shield. For what I know we are the only country in the world who uses them, maybe because it's part of our Filipino Culture that we are meticulous when it comes to protecting ourselves from any viruses. So to make sure we are safe and protected the government made it a mandatory to use face shields. In my opinion I think wearing face shields is okay for extra added protection, but also it has been a bit of a hassle most especially when your in a hurry to go out and you have to assemble it, you have to remove the plastic cover, also it is uncomfortable to wear when you have a lot of stuff on your ear like the string of the face mask and if you are wearing glasses (makes me feel dizzy) and let's admit it that we use it as visor. I remember my mom bought 2 dozens of face shields online, I too had to buy the hard plastic ones so that it doesn't wrinkle and I get to reuse it when heading out. I like it how sellers sell face shields in different colors too so that it matches your outfit. I can finally be ease when going on an urgent errand/s now that the IATF announced that face shields are not required anymore except when going to hospitals and areas that are on alert level 5. What about you mommies and daddies what is your opinion to this move? Let me know your thoughts on the comments section. #TeamBakuNanay

Face Shield No More?
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Super Mum

this is great as this is also a sign that we are slowly moving forward with our battle with the virus. hopefully people will wear their masks properly too.